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"Mare Balticum - Mare Nostrum" - Current projects

  • Active Ageing via Active Networks (ACTIVE-NETs) project.
  • Football - a Way of Life project.
  • The Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean - an evaluation of illusions and realities.

  • "Mare Baltium - Mare Nostrum" - Past projects

  • "Learning Communities in the Information Society" teacher seminar 2006 promoting school partnership and networking between the Baltic and Nordic countries hosted by the European Commission Representation in Finland and funded by the Nordic Cultural Fund and the ministry of education: Introduction  Report  Presentation  Photos

  • Utsjoki Sami Secondary School / Lapland and Helsingin Suomalainen yhteiskoulu a comparison of similarities and differences of attitudes and values between school children of indigenous origin and mainstream pupils: Report

  • Comparison of the youth and senior citizen everyday use of ICT (Executive summary)

  • "European Generations a comparison of values, attitudes, future expectations and lifestyles of young people in Finland and Italy" Report (English version) - (Italian version) - Summary (poster presented at the Lifelong Learning in Europe 2009 conference

  • "Senior citizens in Europe: attitudes, lifestyles and everyday use of ICT in Finland and Italy" Report Questionnaire (Italian version) - (English version)

  • Helsinki 2000 Rome 2000. Educational student exchange between the two cities. Survey results

  • Lapland and Sicily a cultural student exchange program between two different societies Introduction